Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Day to Be Thankful

I am thankful for all I have, but most importantly for the people in my life who I share it with every single day.  I feel very blessed to have a home, a husband who loves me unconditionally, five great kids and to be doing what I love to do.  I am thankful for my family and friends both near and far.  Know that I think of you often.

May you enjoy this day surrounded by family and friends and know that your are loved.  Today is a great day to be thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Oh, and can't forget about the yummy food too.  Enjoy!

- images via Hostess {With the Mostess} & the Hunted Interior

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let the 2012 Holiday Season Begin

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  Can you believe it?!  Halloween came and went and now we have Thanksgiving just around the corner.  That means the holiday of gift giving will be here before we know it.  So, to kick off the holiday season and to get into the spirit of things I thought I would share some of my favorite gift options I found in the IHOD Holiday Gift Guide 2012.  This is a digital gift guide that was kindly put together by Anna of the blog In Honor of Design

 In Honor of Design

This lovely guide is filled with affordable gift options and exclusive discount codes.  It also has a number of handmade gift ideas and recipes from a creative bunch of bloggers.  Anna did all the work and she even links to the appropriate sites.  You just have to click on the item | photo image and it brings you to the actual site that sells it.  How convenient and awesome is that?!  Here are just a few of my favorites.

 Floral Heart Print | Rifle Paper Co.

I love My City Print, Red |  Judy Kaufmann via Etsy

Sticks Throw Pillows | Skoopehome via Etsy

French Country Home Botanical Sachets {Scented Aromatherapy} | Gardenmis via Etsy

Single Initial Gold Charm Necklace | Waiting on Martha

 Cicely-Gold {bracelet} | Velina

 Small Gold LOVE Print | MadeByGirl

 Cotton/Linen Tea Towels {set of 2} | PrintingGrounds via Etsy

 Alphabet Zoo Stick & Stack Animals | Oompa

 Girl's Simple Felt Bow Hair Clips | Natty Bratty via Etsy

Card Holder Elk-Hide | Freshly Picked

To see Anna's complete IHOD Holiday Gift Guide 2012 go here.  Make sure to check it out and let me know what some of your favorite gift items and ideas are.  I would love to know!  

And a big thank you to Anna.  She said by putting this holiday guide together it was her way of giving back to the handmade community, one that she once was a part of and to also support small business America.  Isn't she sweet?  I hope by passing this along it makes your holiday shopping more enjoyable.  I know it makes mine a whole lot easier :)  It also introduced me to a few more new shops and sources I wasn't yet aware of.  Yipee!

Happy Holidays...Happy Shopping...Happy Giving!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I blame it on Pinterest

Okay, so that is entirely not true.  I have no one but myself to blame.  A few weeks ago {six to be exact} I saw this necklace on Pinterest.  I automatically pinned it as I did with everything else I liked.  It's the lily mineral necklace from anthropologie.  Isn't it pretty?  After pinning it I couldn't get it out of my mind.  Don't you hate when that happens?!   

Well, this past weekend I totally caved and bought the necklace and all its' ombre loveliness.  Three simple reasons- I LOVED it, I had a GIFT CARD and it was the LAST one.  Did you ever have one of those moments in a store {like HomeGoods for example} where you have to remember to shop knowing that if you see something you like you better buy it because it might not be there the next time you come back?  Well, that was one of those moments.

As I was being rung up the sales associate told me how lucky I was because the necklace was just returned 10 minutes earlier.  She said the woman returning it had a hard time letting it go.  Her husband was making her return it because according to him she had already spent way more than she should have.  Lucky me, it was meant to be :) 

Have you ever pinned something on Pinterest and said to yourself that you really need to have this?  Have you ever liked something so much that you couldn't stop thinking about it?  What did you end up doing, forgetting it or buying it?

-image via anthropologie

Monday, November 12, 2012

Target and Neiman Marcus Holiday Collaboration

Do you watch ABC's "Revenge"?  If you do, did you catch last night's episode and the ads that played during the break?  You know.  The video ads for Target and Neiman Marcus featuring the cast of Revenge as if the commercials were actually part of the show.  If you missed it, click here to see a preview clip of what I'm talking about.  There were five short video spots in total.  At the end of each spot they called it The Gift of Revenge. If you click on the link for last night's episode above you can watch all five commercial video spots as well.  If you want to see the commercial spots just rewind and forward through the episode at your leisure.

I was intrigued by each one.  It was like a story within a story.  I don't know.  I kind of liked it.  I even spotted designer Robert Rodriguez in one of them as he commented on Amanda's dress.  It was his creation of course for the Target and Neiman Marcus holiday line.  Target and Neiman Marcus were the sole sponsors for last night's episode and were the only ads that ran. 

So, what's the big deal about these commercial spots?  If you haven't heard yet Target and Neiman Marcus teamed up and will release 50+ gorgeous gifts from designers like Tory Burch, Alice + Olivia, Brian Atwood, Oscar de la Renta and many more on December 1st, 2012.  Right in time for the holidays!  You can read more about the Target and Neiman Marcus holiday collaboration here and here.  And to check out which designers to expect and the gifts/items that each designer specifically created for this holiday collection go here.

I'm excited and can't wait!  I have a few favorite items I already have my eye on.  This is definitely a legendary partnership.  Make sure to look out for this collection December 1st at a Target near you.  You don't want to miss out on what looks to be a great collection. Designer pieces at great prices! 

How about you?  Are you excited too?  What do you have your eye on?  Oh, and the real question is, are you a "Revenge" fan?  I'm kinda hooked right now.

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