Saturday, March 31, 2012

Albert Hadley: His Legacy Will Live On

Albert Hadley, an American renowned interior designer passed away yesterday at the age of 91.  The long time king of American decorating will be missed.  Though he is gone, his legacy will continue to live on.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pillow Lovin' Addiction

As many of you already know, I love stripes!  It's evident here and more recently here.  I even went as far as creating an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to just  that- STRIPES.  But what you may not know yet is that I have another secret obsession {which is just as bad}-  PILLOWS!  I seriously do have a problem with this!  You see, I believe one can never have enough pillows around the house {though I do think the hubby will disagree with me on that one}.

I love all kinds of pillows.  I love solid pillows.  I love patterned pillows.  Heck, I even love textured pillows.  The nice thing about this accessory is that you can easily change it out when you feel like it.  With all the different sourcing options, pillow choices and price points available today it really is easy to do.  Pillows are not only functional, they can really dress up an area to add that perfect finishing touch.  Pillows can also add that pop of color or give personality to a bed, chair, or couch.  It adds just that bit of character to any space or room.  You can even change it up during holidays or changing of the seasons.

Here are just a few of my favorites right now from Crate & Barrel.


Here are some of my current favorites from West Elm.  You can also check out some of my other West Elm favorites from an earlier post here.

Now I may have to do a completely separate post on just Etsy pillow sources later down the road.  There are just so many great stores who sell beautiful pillow options and all at different price points.  But for now here is just a small roundup of some of my favorites from Etsy

So, have you found a favorite?  Well, I created a separate board on Pinterest just dedicated to pillows.  Check out the pillow board I created here.  Maybe you'll find a pillow {or two} that you may like.  I know I sure did!  Take a look, if you haven't yet, and see how many I pinned already =)  Yes, I can spend hours just looking at pillows and I wouldn't have a problem with that.  Doesn't everyone else have the same problem?!  

Oh, and don't forget to enter Crate & Barrel 's $15,000 Pick Your Page Sweepstakes.  There's still time!  Contest ends Wednesday, April 4th.  And  make sure to enter West Elm's Discover Morocco Sweepstakes.  That contest ends tomorrow Saturday, March 31st.  Good Luck!   

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wise Words

A few days ago a friend of mine posted a quote on her Facebook page along with an image.  When I read it that day it made me stop and think.  Then a couple of days later I came across the same exact quote with the same exact image on Pinterest.  Here's the quote and image.

Wondering if this was just coincidence or is someone trying to tell me something =)  Just a simple reminder to remember to always DREAM BIG.  Sorry for the randomness.

* Source image Raw Like Sugar via Melanie Duncan via Paloma Contreras on Pinterest.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Board Monday: A Girl's Modern Vintage Bedroom

Welcome to another edition of Design Board Monday!  Every Monday I plan on presenting a designed board here at Dwell With Style.  A Design Board {aka mood board, inspiration board} is the perfect inspiration plan for any design.  I hope you will find the design boards as well as this series inspirational.  Design Boards can help in envisioning what a space can potentially look like.

Today I have for you a mood board I did for a young teenage girl.  The 14-year-old already had a vision of what she wanted for her bedroom.  Let's just call the style of her room Modern Vintage.  The room was recently painted in the color she had picked out.  Other then that we were basically starting from scratch.  She had out grown her original furniture so that was being handed down to her younger sister.  But her parents wanted to make sure that the next furniture she gets will grow with her.  This was to be her "forever furniture" as her parents called it. 

In putting a design board together for them I pulled all their ideas together and helped organize their thoughts.  This helped them to take the next step to actually order the furniture.  They specifically wanted the major pieces from PB Teen.  That made my job sourcing pieces much easier.  Also, PB Teen at the time was running a sale which they were able to take advantage of.  Here's the original design board I came up with for them.

I ended up giving mom and daughter an option 2 design board as well.  They liked the first one, but for budget purposes they wanted to compare their options if they went with different pieces.  Here is design board #2 that I gave them.

They ended up ordering a mixture from both boards for the main pieces.  They were still working on the accessory details for the room.  So once they are completely done I will see if they can send me a photo so I can share the final reveal with you all.  I can't wait to see the room all styled! 

If you want to check out some of the other past design boards I've posted in this series, you can do that here and here.   Design Boards are just one of the design services I offer.  If you're interested in your own personalized design board or just want more information about my design services, please contact me at for more details & rates. 

Framed Gift Wrap Paper

Okay, so this DIY is not a new idea by any means.  Just wanted to share with you what I did for a client recently.  This is inexpensive art at its' best.  These pretty frames are making a home in a client's powder room this weekend. 

This is seriously a very simple DIY project anyone can do. You start off by picking out gift wrap paper or scrapbook paper in a pattern, or color you want to use inside your frame.  This particular client picked out this pretty Damask patterned gift wrap from Target.  She might have purchased it during the holiday season, so I don't think it's available anymore. 

And then she purchased 2 identical black frames with white mattes just like this one.

All I did was cut the wrapping paper to size and placed it right inside the frame as I would a photo.  That's it!  My little quick tip- use the display paper that comes with the frame as your guide when you cut.  This way if you want a particular pattern to be framed you can just lay the guide on top of the part you want to cut out.  So easy!  Here's another look at the finished product.

This was a great alternative for me and the client.  We searched high & low for artwork but could never find exactly what we were looking for.  She wanted a damask pattern of some sort, but since we couldn't find anything she liked, we made it ourselves.   

We didn't break the bank either.  I barely used the roll of wrapping paper which only cost $5.  And then she purchased the frames for less then $30 for the pair.  Not bad for custom framed art.  You can't tell in these photos but with this particular wrapping paper the damask had a velvet like quality to it so it appeared raised and the paper gave off a pearlescent finish depending on the angle you look at it.  It's actually very pretty in person.  In the end the client is happy, so of course I'm happy.

I'm hoping to show you some finished photos of her powder room next week.  We have a few finishing touches to do this weekend.  And I'm so excited because stripes are involved.  If you've been following along with my blog, you know I have a slight obsession with stripes.  You can see that here and here.  And you can even check out my Pinterest board here.  The entire board is dedicated to my love for stripes.  Does anyone else have the same obsession? 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Addicted to Pinterest

This is a post that was supposed to go out this past Thursday, but somehow life just got in the way.  It happens to the best of us. So, now I am playing a bit of catch up today...

Are any of you as addicted to Pinterest as I am?  I find that once I'm on I'm totally sucked in for hours.  It really is a great source for inspiration though.  So, I hope I'm not alone!  Someone please tell me they are addicted too!  Please?! 

Here's a peek at some of what I recently pinned.


And I figured I would just throw in a non-interior related pin.  Isn't she pretty?


To check out more of what I've pinned follow me along here.  I already created tons of boards.  If you aren't already signed up for Pinterest let me know.  I'll send you an invite.  I wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun!  But I'm warning you's addicting :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Outdoor Spaces

 image via Ieva Mazeikaite on Pinterest

image via Style For Living
image via La Dolce Vita

image via Cote De Texas

image via Marcus Design

image via loft & cottage via Theresa on Pinterest

* all images & sources can also be found on my Pinterest Outdoor Spaces Board.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Look For Less...Literally

This past weekend the hubby and I stopped by the Crate & Barrel Outlet near our house.  We like stopping in and checking out the clearance section.  Sometimes it's a hit or miss.  But we've found numerous items here in the past, for a steal.  It's one of the reasons why we keep coming back to this store.  One thing you have to know is that things go quickly.   So, if you like something you need to purchase it right then & there.  If you don't and you leave to think about it, just know it may not be there when you come back. 

Well this past Sunday we spotted the Tesso Desk from CB2 in the clearance section.  Actually, the hubby spotted it first.  We both loved the desk but what we both loved even more was the price.  It was marked down 50% off the original price.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with it.  And they currently still sell this desk in the stores.  So, long story short we came home with the desk and a chair to go with it.  It's the Pony Side Chair in a microsuede material.  The chair was even a great price at 60% off the original price.  I just checked the website, and I don't think it's available anymore.  Sorry.

Here's the Tesso Desk from the CB2 website.


Similar enough look, right?  What's even better is it's the same exact desk.  Today I was flipping through the current CB2 catalog that came in the other day.  I spotted it again styled with a different chair which looked even closer in shape to the one we got.  Nice!  I got the Look For Less...Literally.