Friday, July 22, 2011

finding lovely friday: a cute anthropologie dish

I found this cute little dish at Anthropologie while out shopping with a client. The best was on sale for $7.99. Not bad for Anthropologie! It's a great little dish to keep your small jewelry in like rings or earrings especially when you have to take them on and off all day. It came in a few different colors. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos when we were in the store. When I got home I checked the Anthropologie website but they were no longer showing up.

After convincing my client {who is actually one of my oldest & dearest friend} that she needed this pretty little dish she ended up bringing one home. This is how she displayed it on her bathroom counter.

Pretty, right?! When she sent me this photo she also asked if I was planning on going back to Anthropologie any time soon. If I did, to pick up 2 more for her. She liked it! Hope they still have some left. Now my only regret...I didn't buy one for myself.

Have you found any cute little objects lately that are not only pretty but functional? I love when that happens. Enjoy your weekend!

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