Friday, August 26, 2011

finding lovely friday: candle sleeves

This is what I picked up the other day. It's a candle sleeve from Bath & Body Works. Such a great concept! They call this design the Silver Mum. The sleeve slips right around the glass container that carefully houses the candle and disguises it. Basically you put the glass container right into the sleeve. Not only is the sleeve pretty, it's functional & reusable as well. And even better it was inexpensive- $5.00! How can you beat that?!

Oh, but wait! It comes in a smaller metal sleeve size too for "get this"- $3.50. Even better!

I ended up bringing home this design as well. They call this design Silver Tile. I love the modern geometric shape. It dresses the Bath & Body Works 14.5oz. Slatkin & Co. candle nicely. I bought one in the small size too because I loved the shape. Now I just have to grab some Slatkin & Co. 4oz candles next time I'm in the store.

Have you seen these already? I only recently came across them after looking something up on the Bath & Body Works website. Check out all the other metal sleeve options here. They even have cute seasonal ones like this one.
Just remember you don't always have to shop in the most obvious places for home decor accessories. Who would have thought, Bath & Body Works?! I would pick some up now before everyone else discovers these. Or, maybe I am the last to know about it. I guess better late then never. Have a great weekend!

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