Thursday, June 14, 2012


My kids really want a puppy.  But they want it for about five minutes and then you know what happens.  Mom and dad end up taking care of the puppy.  So, what do I tell them?  They can have one once they move out, get their own place and can take care of the puppy themselves.  It's hard enough to keep up with the five of them as is!  And then... I came across this photo.

OMG!  My heart almost melted when I first saw this black baby pug's photo.  Those eyes.  That face.  Isn't he/she sweet, or what?!  After seeing this, I almost reconsidered my kids request for a puppy.  Almost.  I hope none of them are reading this because they might hold me to it :)  I'm not quite there, but this photo brings me closer to even thinking about it. 

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