Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Domino Magazine Special Edition

Were you ever a fan of Domino {magazine}?  I was a huge fan of the magazine and was so upset when they stopped publication back in early 2009.  Darn economy!  But in April 2012 after a three year hiatus, Domino came out with a special edition called Quick Fixes.  I was a fan again!  Did you miss it?  You can still get the digital edition.  To download it onto your iPAD, Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet go here and click on the appropriate link.   

Do you follow Domino Magazine on Facebook?  I do.  If you don't go here and LIKE them.  That's how I found out that they were releasing yet another special edition issue.  Woohoo!  The Domino Best Rooms special edition is NOW available in newsstands nationwide.  Make sure to pick up your copy!  

Putting this on my to-do list.  Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!

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