Thursday, October 4, 2012

what happened to september?!

I can't believe September has already come and gone!  It was definitely a busy month with the start of a new school year, attending back to school nights, and throw in all the kids after school activities that started up again.  It took a bit of getting used to but I'm happy to report that we are now back to our regularly hectic scheduled life.  Sorry for being such a bad blogger these past few weeks :(  But seriously!  I think September has to be one of the CRAZIEST months especially for anyone with school aged kids.  I think it ranks pretty high up there with the holiday season.  Am I right, or am I totally wrong on this one?!  Maybe it's just me.

HELLO?!  Anyone out there?  Hello...hello...hello...

A few more things did happen for us last month to add to the craziness of our September.  Our family celebrated with some birthdays.  First, I celebrated the big 4-0 on 9/9 and then my eldest son celebrated his sixteenth on 9/13. I honestly thought after my actual birthday passed, that I was "in the clear" and would be celebrating this milestone birthday quietly.  But that was not the case.  With a little sneakiness and event planning {behind my back} my family and friends totally caught me off guard and threw me a Surprise 40th the following Friday.  It truly was a nice surprise seeing everyone.  But since I had absolutely no clue about the whole thing I was not prepared and did not have my camera or my phone charged.  Of course not!  The photo below of the gorgeous cake was one of the only photos I was able to take before my phone died.  So, now I'm just waiting to see some of the photos taken by the designated photographers for that night {aka my sister and brother-in-law}. hint hint.  

Now thinking about it, my family must have gone berserk when I started taking down all the curtain panels throughout the house and talking about repainting some rooms just two hours before the party.  I really made a mess before they kicked me out of the house.   Ha!  I still had no clue.  How was I supposed to know we were having a party?  See what happens when you keep secrets from momma?  Even my little one didn't say a word.  And the mastermind behind all the party eldest daughter Emily.  I was very impressed.  She did a great job!  I taught that girl well :)  They all did a great job!  

So, in spite of the craziness in the month of September and it just flying by we were able to  make a few minor updates to the house.  Also, found some really fab finds on my shopping excursions.  Can't wait to share them with you. Make sure to check back.  Basically, this is my way of saying I AM STILL HERE. 

How was your September?  Was it calm or full of craziness like mine?  Did it go by quickly for you too? 

-image via jen fernandez

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