Thursday, April 5, 2012

Design Board Monday: Casual Modern Rustic Family Room

Welcome to another edition of Design Board Monday!  Every Monday I plan on presenting a designed board here at Dwell With Style.  A Design Board {aka mood board, inspiration board} is the perfect inspiration plan for any design.  I hope you will find the design boards as well as this series inspirational.  Design Boards can help in envisioning what a space can potentially look like.

I'm a bit late with posting this.  It's been a pretty hectic week.  But I'm really excited to share with all of you what I've been up to on a separate post.  Today I have for you a design board I did for a client's family room in her new home.  She wanted a casual space where her family could hang out in and just relax after a long day.  She didn't have any furniture set aside for this space.  So we started with a completely blank slate. 

I designed the mood board around the sofa that the client told me she already had her eye on.  She mentioned to me that she wanted to continue with a gray on the walls to go with the gray that was throughout the house.  She just wanted a different shade of it.  She also wanted a subtle punch of color to be introduced into the room as well as some rustic element of some sort.  The above board is what I came up with for her.

I actually put this design board together for the client a few months ago.  After presenting it to her, we worked quickly in bringing the design to life.  I am so excited to say that this room is now finished {for now anyways}.  We have been talking about adding a small desk to the room.  But we are waiting until we find just the right one to fit the space we have set aside for it.

I took some photos of the family room this past weekend.  I will be sharing them with you shortly.  So make sure to check back for the before and afters.

If you want to check out some of the other past design boards I've posted in this series, you can do that here, here and here.   Design Boards are just one of the design services I offer.  If you're interested in your own personalized design board or just want more information about my design services, please contact me at for more details & rates. 

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