Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Board Monday: A Girl's Modern Vintage Bedroom

Welcome to another edition of Design Board Monday!  Every Monday I plan on presenting a designed board here at Dwell With Style.  A Design Board {aka mood board, inspiration board} is the perfect inspiration plan for any design.  I hope you will find the design boards as well as this series inspirational.  Design Boards can help in envisioning what a space can potentially look like.

Today I have for you a mood board I did for a young teenage girl.  The 14-year-old already had a vision of what she wanted for her bedroom.  Let's just call the style of her room Modern Vintage.  The room was recently painted in the color she had picked out.  Other then that we were basically starting from scratch.  She had out grown her original furniture so that was being handed down to her younger sister.  But her parents wanted to make sure that the next furniture she gets will grow with her.  This was to be her "forever furniture" as her parents called it. 

In putting a design board together for them I pulled all their ideas together and helped organize their thoughts.  This helped them to take the next step to actually order the furniture.  They specifically wanted the major pieces from PB Teen.  That made my job sourcing pieces much easier.  Also, PB Teen at the time was running a sale which they were able to take advantage of.  Here's the original design board I came up with for them.

I ended up giving mom and daughter an option 2 design board as well.  They liked the first one, but for budget purposes they wanted to compare their options if they went with different pieces.  Here is design board #2 that I gave them.

They ended up ordering a mixture from both boards for the main pieces.  They were still working on the accessory details for the room.  So once they are completely done I will see if they can send me a photo so I can share the final reveal with you all.  I can't wait to see the room all styled! 

If you want to check out some of the other past design boards I've posted in this series, you can do that here and here.   Design Boards are just one of the design services I offer.  If you're interested in your own personalized design board or just want more information about my design services, please contact me at for more details & rates. 

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