Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspiration Roundup: Wall Designs

As a decorator, I'm always on the lookout for inspiration.  And today is no different.  Today on my mind are wall designs.  I like finding other options of decorating walls than just the obvious of having to hang frames, artwork, shelves, etc...Here is a roundup of some of my favorite wall design options.

My favorite, and probably one of the easiest DIY projects is the painted faux molding seen here in the latest issue of Lonny Magazine.  It's such a simple concept, but it makes such an impact.  It even looks a bit custom looking, don't you think?  This is already in my plans for my home office.  

Another option is painting a stencil.  There are so many beautiful stencils out there.  So many options to choose from.  Olive Leaf Stencils has an Ikat pattern I love.  So pretty on the wall just by itself.   

Olive Leaf Stencils

Or, try to create your own chevron patterned wall.

Or, maybe attempt to make your own hand-painted, half-stenciled custom design like Kristen F. Davis did.

Another possible option is painting stripes.  If you've been following my blog you know that I have a slight obsession with stripes.  I wrote about stripes before here and here.  Obviously I can't seem to get enough of it.  But seriously, they really do make an impact on a wall.  Take a look for yourself.

How about a wall of mirrors to make a statement?  Designer Tobi Tobin did this in her home as seen in this issue of Lonny Magazine. The view of the ocean reflecting off the mirrors is breathtaking. 

There is also the option of a floor to ceiling paneled wall.  Very cool.  The hubby likes this one.  Of course he would.  And if the wall wasn't enough, check out that ceiling.

And finally {for now} a wall entirely dedicated to black chalkboard paint.  I love the writing on the walls.  I guess if you're worried the chalk writing would get messed up or rubbed off you can always paint your walls black and use vinyl letters or stencil in the words.  That would totally achieve a similar look.  

So, there you have it.  Are you inspired to try out any of these wall designs?  Let me know which one is your favorite.  I would love to know.

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